What people say about me

“Really helpful and knowledgeable”

Carolyn N. Resume development and career coaching client

“Susanna was a tremendous help to me when I needed help writing my resume. Writing resumes are never really fun, but with her expertise, I was able to improve and enhance my resume that made it more appealing to hiring companies. She had great suggestions, such as including PAR stories in my resume. If you want to know what a PAR story is, then sign up for her services! She has awesome suggestions and really goes into the details of your resume, which will force you to think about your accomplishments. Thanks Susanna!”

Melissa C. Resume development client

“Susanna helped me greatly with the writing of my resume. She provided excellent recommendations, most significantly calling out key results as well as streamlining it so that it was less wordy and more effective. In addition, she was able to change the layout to make it easier to read / scan. I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for resume or career coaching. Thank you Susanna!”

David U. Resume development and career coaching client

“Susanne has a rare trait-natural empathy and insight. I have known her in both a professional and personal capacity since moving to the Bay area and can not speak highly enough of her as a talented Learning and Development professional. Susanne is an excellent communicator, she engages naturally and warmly with her audience and she is well respected by both clients and colleagues alike”

Danielle McGinness Executive Assistant at Presidio Graduate School

“Susana has been my mentor for the past 5 months. She helped me in one of the most important professional transition I’ve had in my life. She is an amazing person as well as professional, and really knows how identify your strengths and weaknesses and how create a plan to pursue your goals. It’s a total pleasure working with her!”

Gretchen Rodriguez Campaign Manager-GEO at eBay Inc

“I had the pleasure of working for Susanne at Upwardly Global as an Intern.
I was really impressed with her leadership in conducting Training Workshops while managing the organization and planning of each of them.
She was always focused on the goals we needed to accomplish and that’s why working with her was always motivating. Also, she was always fun and incredibly supportive with the team”

Patricia S. Workforce Development Associate at Bay Area Video Coalition

“The coaching that I received from Susanna was vital in regards to helping me through a difficult time personally and professionally. Her guidance was the key to my self-reflection and brought me to a proactive approach towards my goals.

I learned that I should work on overcoming my fear based internal conversations that she referred to as my “saboteur.” The tools that she supplied me with were instrumental in my progress towards moving forward in many aspects of my life.

I believe that each one of us goes through a period in our lives where we need an external coach and mentor. Having this consistent one-on-one relationship of influence and analysis in our lives can catapult a person through a difficult time that could have been unbearable without a life coach such as Susanna. Her coaching can transform your life in ways you may have never expected”

Kelly Clonan