• Basics - Resume Development
  • Career Services Packages:
    Sample Packages*:
    1. Career Path Plan (Resume Review, Job Search Plan, Application Support)
    2. Interview Package (Interview preparation and practice)
    3. Career Assessment Plan (MBTI or Strengths Finder Test, Consultation)
    *contents and amount of time offered  for each package/plan vary, custom packages are also available. For more information, write me and I will create a package based on your needs.

  • Career Coaching:
    Don’t know where to start?  Start with a private, one-on-one session and I will help you uncover the areas in your life that you want to change or focus (career only or general life coaching).  What gets in the way?
    What makes my coaching style unique – I am direct and my approach is hands-on. I actively help you tackle your goals while other coaches tell you what you need to do.  Planet Simple's style is Co-Active & Pro-Active Coaching which means that we work together to create action items and the agenda comes from you. We, as a team, keep the momentum going by working together regularly and holding accountability.
    During our consultation, we will prioritize and strategize according to your desires. Remember, we are all creative, resourceful, and whole. Sometimes, we just need a little help getting unstuck or focusing in order to keep the momentum going.

  • Consulting, Curriculum Development & Facilitating:
    For hire or collaboration on team building, content development, change management, MBTI/Strengths, on-boarding, systems coaching, relationship workshops (including: parent/child workshops, improv for couples), to name just some areas of focus.

  • Workshops:  
    - Workshops & group coaching (networking, interview skills, job search, cover letters, etc)
    - Upcoming Events: (coming soon)

Coming Soon: “Grad Pack” - I will offer college seniors and new grads, special packages to set the stage of your career path.  Learn from my mistakes and others so you start out knowing more, confident and own your value early on!

Upcoming Events

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